WCED unsuccessful school is oversubscribed meaning

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unsuccessful school is oversubscribed , oversubscribed meaning, oversubscribed school meaning The Western cape education department (WCED) admissions now has options for Registered users on the WCED admissions website can now view the outcome of their applications for the 2023 school year, to check if their selected or rejected for WCED admission 2023.

Parents or guardians of the students who have applied for the WCED have until 17 June 2022 to either confirm or decline their child’s school. so many people have been checking their Application status and it says unsuccessful school is oversubscribed so read this article very careful to get the meaning of this word what you should do if school is oversubscribed .

WCED unsuccessful school is oversubscribed meaning

The meaning of oversubscribed school its because most of the schools from Western cape Have received many application from students until the required intake is exceeded. so that’s why your application was unsuccessful due to oversubscribed. simply When a school receives more applications than there are places available.

unsuccessful school is oversubscribed
unsuccessful school is oversubscribed Application status from wcedonline.westerncape.gov.za

What to do if your school is oversubscribed

If you haven’t been placed as you have unsuccessful application due to oversubscribed school, then the parents are advised to first engage the SGB to establish the reasons why the application was unsuccessful, get clarity on the admission process followed and to motivate for the application to be reconsidered.

The SGB is the School Governing Body (or bodies) so you have to contact them and explain to them about your problem For more information, contact: Tel: 021 467 2311 Email [email protected]

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