Top 10 best students NECTA form four | wanafunzi bora kitaifa 2021 form 4

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wanafunzi bora kitaifa 2021 form 4, wanafunzi bora matokeo ya kidato cha nne, Mwanafunzi bora kitaifa 2021 Form four the national examination council of Tanzania NECTA Has announced the release of standard four SFNA, form two and form four results. so, in this article we have a list of top performing student in form four national examination. the results have been announced today 15th Jan 2022 so read this article careful to get all the information.

wanafunzi bora kitaifa 2021 form 4

  1. Geovin Macha – Jude school Arusha
  2. Moses Masome – Heritage school Pwani
  3. Pius Tairo – Tengeru Arusha
  4. Henry Shelembi -Jude Arusha
  5. Shilanga Malegi – Heritage Pwani
  6. Loi Kitundu – Feza Girls – DSM
  7. Joshua Leo – Tengeru Boys Arusha
  8. Brian Chille – Marian Mkoa wa Pwani
  9. Cornel Karoli – Jude Arusha
  10. Elizabeth Msengi – St. Monica Arusha.

check the latest necta results that have been released:-

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