Orodha ya waliochukua fomu za uspika 2022

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waliochukua fomu za uspika 2022, various contestants has been arising towards contesting for the parliament speaker position elections will shortly begin, this is after the former speaker job ndugai resigned. so are you looking for the waliochukua fomu za uspika 2022. read this article very careful so that you can get all the information required. With just over a day left before the closing of the window for those seeking to be elected to run for the seat of the parliament speaker of the United Republic, 66 CCM members have already come forward and taken forms at various centers in Dar es Salaam, Dodoma and Zanzibar.

waliochukua fomu za uspika 2022

Assistant Secretary-General of CCM party Solomon Itunda said that only today there have been 17 CCM members who have already take the form, (fomu za uspika) with three taking the central office in Dodoma, 12 in Dar es Salaam and two in the Zanzibar office.

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waliochukua fomu za uspika 2022

  • Dk Tulia akson
  • Burton Mwemba (Mwijaku)
  • mbunge msukuma
  • Hatibu Madata Mgeja
  • Dk Linda Ole Saitabau
  • Profesa Norman Sigalla King
  • Emmanuel Sendama
  • Dk Thomas Kashilila
  • Goodluck Mlinga
  • Bibie Msumi
  • Hilal Seif
  • Athumani Mfutakamba
  • Mwenda Mwenda
  • Herry Kessy
  • Josephat Malima
  • Adamu Mnyavanu
  • Stella Manyanya
  • Andrew Kevela

that was the few list but still there are other members which have take the form contesting for parliament speaker position for more information visit the official website parliament.go.tz

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