UDOM University Hostel Faced Water Crisis

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UDOM University Hostels are now facing a water crisis this is just few days after the climatic change in Tanzania and the world at large, where the Rainfall has Dropped drastically. Dodoma is one of the Regions experiencing a severe Draught. as this affects Social activities like Learning in Large universities like Udom and st john universities both been found within the Dodoma region.

UDOM University Hostel

This is just few month after the Tanzania Metrological Authority (TMA) warned that the country within the regions will experience rains below normal average. and this is what happens now where regions that were receiving rains twice a year, but now face the adverse impacts of weather change.

what can happen to UDOM University Hostels During Water Crisis

myajiratoday urges the udom students organization (UDOSO) that they should put more pressure on the government since water crisis affects students learning. also there high risk for water borne diseases because of shortage of clean and safe water. as said by the Mr Kabelwa on behalf of director general Agness Kijazi .

UDOM University hostels affected mostly by the water crisis are College of Education (COED), College of Health CHAS, as said by one of the Udom student.

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