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Udom sr2 login, The university of Dodoma udom has an online student registration portal the udom sr2 where the university students can login and find all their students information this includes student results ,payment fees information, and settlements information according to blocks you have been selected.

University of Dodoma has various colleges health college located near the Benjamin mkapa hospital, college of education, college of business, college of informatics, social and many others. read this article very carefully to successfully access your Udom sr2 Login account.

udom sr2 Login portal

Image for udom sr2 login account
a screen capture of the udom sr2 login account

Its very simple to login in the udom sr2 you can access directly Link through your web browser or by just search it on google and look for any link which will direct you to the online student portal.

  • To login in the udom sr2 click here https://sr2.udom.ac.tz/auth
  • Enter Registration number and password then click ‘Login’

click here to login to your Udom sr2 account

After login in the udom sr2 portal the page will open and you will be required to enter your login credentials including your username and passwords Your username consist of your registration number depending on the year admitted at the university of Dodoma. in some cases it may be different so make sure to not your Registration number as soon as you have finished your Registration.
Example: T/UDOM/2020/0001

What information can you find at the udom sr2 login

All in formations concerning the student at udom can be found here and in order to login at the udom sr2 portal you will be required to complete all the registration process from the udom.ac.tz website and After finishing automatically your Registration number will be generated and you will be using it to Login in the portal, the details can be found at the udom sr2 login account.

  • student online registration
  • UDOSO Elections
  • Academics
  • student finances
  • Accommodation
  • permission

UDOM SRSMS Dashboard

After login to the udom sr2 account using the registration number and the password you will encounter the UDOM SRSMS Dashboard where you can manage all your account activities and its a place where after login to the portal you encounter.

udom sr2 dashboard


every year students at university of Dodoma conduct the students elections, to appoint new udoso leaders, the term UDOSO, stands for the university of Dodoma students organization, so the elections are also found at the Udom sr2 with the word udoso elections where you can login and appoint any leader you want to make changes.


in the students record management system Udom sr2 there is the academics part category option where you can choose for the following, this part is every important its the main reason why your a student at the udom and without this your no longer a student.

  • my courses
  • coursework
  • my course results

student finances

check your financial statement and you can download it in PDF format. it clearly shows the payments you made using the control numbers with the annual balance in every financial year, the payments include Tuition Fees, Accommodation Fees, Accommodation Fees, Contribution to UDOSO, NHIF, quality assurance and others.

permissions and PEX

PEX stands for post pone of examination, if you want to post pone due to number of reasons then you can use this feature to request a permission to avoid being signed as incomplete on your course work of studies. you just need to insert your current Status and reasons, then after being approved it will show on the approval status.

Udom sr2 login portal useful links you can find

how to reset your udom sr2 password

have you lost your udom sr2 Login password check out on our latest post so that we can help you to reset your password


The udom sr2 now has updated its services you can request for the password directly without the need for having to visit the university administration, if you have forgotten your password, simply request for the new password by entering your email address and the instructions on how to reset your password will be sent to your inbox.

The university of Dodoma , also has the Udom sr which was used before the sr2 udom website went live so don’t confuse it if you want to check it just follow the link below.
Login here at udom sr

Udom sr2 results today check results information here

So are you trying to login at udom sr2 in order to check for results, you can easly find all updates concerning the udom sr2 login results here just follow the, instructions below. udom sr2 results check here The results at the university of Dodoma are released on each semester, and there are two semesters per year as the soon after the results are released students are advised to login and check their academic progress

For more details about the University of Dodoma / (UDOM) student’s Record management system SR2, You may visit your department at the college for any challenge experienced on your account or you Can contact (+255) 262310003 Email: [email protected]

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