Traffic fines online checking Rwanda

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Traffic fines online checking Rwanda, the portal is used when paying for the Traffic fines online. as this will help save time and avoid  long queue. so far there are many methods of checking online Traffic fines in Rwanda read this article very carefully so as you can understand.

since you want to check for your Traffic fines online. then you must have an internet connection to help you retrieve and get your vehicle details we will connect you with various online services to help you check traffic fines Rwanda. read the article below with a clear guide to guide.

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Traffic fines online checking Rwanda

this article will guide you on Traffic fines online checking Rwanda the Rwanda national police government portal will help you just follow the steps below.

Traffic fines online checking Rwanda
  • go to
  • Enter plate number and TIN number

Example: plate number R 8912 and TIN number 12345 then click check Fines. sometimes the government portal may experience a heavy traffic. so Just try multiple times and it will work perfectly.

Traffic fines online checking Rwanda For foreign and other vehicles they can use the , then enter the plate number and click check fines please note that The form should be used only for foreign and other specific vehicles.


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