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The Tanzania revenue authority Tra has an online portal website (tra used car calculator) where visitors from anywhere around the world can check the Tax price for exporting used cars from countries like japan, south Africa and many other countries selling cheap and used cars.

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Gateway tra calculator and how to get it

The used motor vehicle valuation system developed by the Tanzania government, helps businesses and individuals to check for export tax price for all used cars using the tra used car calculator. Use it to check for the price before exporting your car, sometimes tax payments without valuation system can lead to failure to pickup your used car due to the amount of money being paid for tax is very large.


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How to use the gateway tra calculator

Firstly to use the tra calculator for used cars you need to, open their website via the link above, after visiting the tra gateway calculator website, you need to Select Vehicle Details below to Calculate Value As seen in the screen shot below

Gateway tra calculator, Tra used car calculator

Select the appropriate details inorder to get the right tax to pay

  • Make (used car type)
  • Model and body
  • Year of manufacture
  • Fuel type and engine

Also the country of manufacture you will be required to select I have just sorted out the ones above, because many people confuse them leading to wrong tax being calculated, you need to be carefully. If don’t know ask your used car seller. the Tra used car calculator sometimes can miss your car details.

vehicle is not listed in gateway tra calculator

sometimes you may find that, the used car you want to calculate its tax price is not listed, in gateway tra calculator. what your supposed to do is to submit it, follow the link below to submit it.

verhicle not listed click here to enter details

Have the Tra reference code

do you have the Tra reference code you can submitt, it in the gateway tra calculator as this will save time. just enter the reference code and automatically you will be shown its tax

Enter Tra reference code here

have any questions regarding used motor vehicle valuation system comment, below and I will try my best to reply to you on time.

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