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Thailand Pass login, Thailand Pass registration, Thailand Pass website, through the Thailand Pass web portal one can check for the registration status if he or she is qualified or not. so in this article will contain all the information regarding how to easily login and register if you haven’t created an account yet to the Thailand Pass web portal

Thailand Pass login

To login its very easy to the Thailand pass you just need to fill the details in an online application form, then after login you’ll be able to check the status Enter the access code, Passport Number and Email then click check profile.

Thailand Pass login
Thailand pass login page

NB: Please note that your access code is the code you have got after your registration with Thailand Pass, If you have forgotten your access code, please contact [email protected]

Thailand Pass registration

to register on the Thailand pass website, you’ll have to choose the type of travel you would like to use into the country this includes

  • Air Travel
  • Land travel

After finishing registration, you will receive an access code for tracking your registration status. You are advised to note it down or capture the screen for future reference. You will also receive the code via your registered email.

Thailand Pass registration
Thailand Pass registration access code

To track your registration status, you will need

  • the access code
  • your passport number
  • the registered email address

Thailand Pass website

Many people have been searching about the Thailand pass website since sometimes it crashed due to heavy traffic as many people are trying to access the services that are found on the Thailand Pass web portal if this problem happens to you on your device that is connected to the internet here are some steps you can use it to solve.

when you are trying to access the Thailand Pass login web page, ( and the website just crashed then you can refresh your browser or try accessing the website during the midnight when there is low traffic to the Thailand Pass website.

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