Teacher assistant interview questions and answers

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The Final period has come for those who applied for the sayouth Education assistant post since the application period has been closed. Applicants will soon attend a Sayouth Teacher assistant interview.

 So, we have prepared a list of the most common interview questions and answers that will help you during your preparation.

Teacher assistant interview questions

Who is a teacher’s assistant?

A teacher assistant provides education for people, primarily students in a school; The role of the teacher is often formal and ongoing, so you will cooperate with your fellow teachers to deliver quality education to students.

Teacher assistant interview questions and answers

  1. Tell me something about yourself.
  2.  why should we hire you
  3.  What are your strengths and weaknesses
  4.  Tell me about a time you were able to stay calm under pressure.
  5.  Are you comfortable writing lesson plans

Tell me something about yourself.

Don’t worry; almost 90% of the interview starts typically with the same questions. To better answer the question, you first need to understand why they ask it in the first place. To better answer this question, the structure you answer as follows:

  • The past – what is your background and relevant work experience? How did you get to where you are now?
  •  The present – what is your current role? What do you do, and what are your top accomplishments?
  •  The future – what are you looking to do next? Why are you interested in the position?

Why should we hire you?

Since you are applying for the job as a Teacher Assistant, right? so if the interviewer asks you why they should hire you, the best way to answer this question is to try to show that you want to help rather than get paid and enjoy their monthly salary.

 Refrain from explaining the problems you need to help your family get food. Honestly, nobody cares.

What can you do to improve students’ grades or make them come to school every day? That’s what the interviewer wants to hear from you.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

One of the most common interview questions that most of us experienced or will experience at some point is, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” When the time comes to answer this question, you’ll need to be very specific. Take stock of what you believe to be your strengths, or ask a friend to help you identify your talents.


My most vital asset is my work ethic and willingness to step in when needed. I’m fearless in taking on a difficult client or doing a project nobody else wants because those are the clients and projects that teach me the most. I typically love to work outside my job description and do whatever is asked of me. I’m not above any task, and I take great pride in my ability to step in and adapt to any situation to get the best results for the company.

Tell me about a time you were able to stay calm under pressure.

In This question, the interviewer also wants to test your greatest strength, so here try to provide an exciting story when you mainly were facing challenges, but you were able to solve them. For example, you can say: I dropped out of my studies due to a lack of money to pay school fees. But I was able to work and get some money at the same time study until you graduated.

Are you comfortable writing lesson plans

As a teacher assistant, your role is to do all the work as assigned by your instructor, so this question, if you deny by saying no, then it means the job doesn’t fit you. Applicants should discuss what role they believe a teaching assistant plays daily in the classroom. This question ensures applicants fully understand the role and responsibilities of a teaching assistant.


So those are some of the Teacher assistant interview questions; also, the general assistant can use this post to get essential insights into what is asked during the interview.

If you have any questions, you can comment below, and we will be happy to hear from you.

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