state capture report part 1 2022 Review

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state capture report part 1 2022, The first part of the state capture commission’s report has officially been made public. with more than 870 pages report was published on the presidency’s website the ( shortly on Tuesday. During a briefing earlier in the day, Ramaphosa said his government had chosen “transparency and accountability” in immediately making the report available to the public. The investigation, which spanned three years of public hearings and cost over R1bn, focused on gross public-sector corruption during Jacob Zuma’s presidency. here we have just a short summary’s of state capture report part 1 2022 review.

state capture report part 1 2022

since there Are three parts of state capture report Government will therefore not make pronouncements on the findings nor recommendations of the Commission’s report before having received all parts of the report and having considered all three parts of the report This is the report of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into allegations of State Capture, Corruption and Fraud in the Public Sector including organs of state, also known to the public and the media as the Zondo Commission.

Vol 1: South African Airways and Its Associated Companies

download it here: state capture report PDF 2022 Download

state capture report part 1 2022 Review

The first volume of the book targets the Gupta family’s New Age newspaper, the destruction of SAA by former president Jacob Zuma’s consigliere, Dudu Myeni, the capture of the SA Revenue Service (SARS) and the corruption of the state procurement system through the tender system.  

The first part of the state capture report part 1 is divided into three volumes. The first volume blows the lid off corruption at SAA, SA Express and SAA Technical. Myeni was chairperson of SAA and she ran riot, the commission heard, trying to re-engineer the leasing of aircraft, catering, procurement as well as the airline’s treasury. also the some of volume parts considers recommendations on how to reform the R500-billion procurement (tender) system which the commission has found to be the key leverage point of State Capture.  

The second part of the commission’s report comes out at the end of January and will deal with Eskom, Transnet and Denel, where the grand corruption occurred, where as the third part will be released at the end of February and will cover the rest of the entities studied by the commission. It will also make recommendations on other topics like parliamentary accountability and the failure of the criminal justice system and of intelligence to detect State Capture in its early incarnations.  

thanks for reading the state capture report part 1 2022 Review for more information visit the presidency website if you have any concern just comment below and we will get back to you very soon.

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