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Solutions To Road Accidents, How to avoid Road accidents, Technology has its side effects, Road accidents in some countries especially in Africa countries has become a major problem. According to World life expectancy, This article will have a clear guide on the Solutions To Road Accidents. So far its December 2021,most families Travel around the world for greetings or any other purpose, and every one wish to finish this year safely and to see the next year 2022.

Solutions To Road Accidents

Negative Effects of Road Accidents

Road accidents leads to a lot of Negative effects including damage expensive properties and the worse at all is loss of lives and can even cause permanent disability. As the owner of this website, I feel at east I should make a positive impact on this world may be my inner voice can change you on how you think. And help provide Solutions To Road accidents.

I wish this article can go Viral so as every one can understand on the solutions to Combat Road accidents. This solutions apply for worldwide, so please consider sharing this article to your loved ones. And this is the only support which I need from you, so as we can help save life of millions of people.

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What are the Solutions To Road Accidents?

  • Ensure the Use of Safe cars
  • Speed should have Limits
  • Distractive Driving
  • Road signs should be clear and visible
  • Drivers should be Trained in Registered Training institutions

Without wasting your time, let’s go directly to our Topic. Firstly, for the past few years as the passenger, while travelling I always think of my life. What if I got an accident ? this question usually popups on my head and I think this is fear for most of us when it comes to road accidents.

So its necessary to learn on this solutions to road accidents both for the drivers who deal with the vehicle. Whether it’s a car, motorcycle or even plane. Also road users I’m talking for the one who are walking along the Road should also take precautions.

  1. Ensure the Use of Safe cars

Now technology is changing some people, I have witnessed especially in Asia and African countries. Are using second hand cars from 1998-2005 very old cars. Though using an old car isn’t the factor for causing Road accidents. But majority of this cars have a lot of defects, you can find even the seat belts and aren’t working at all.

Now who is to blame the government or the one who use this cars, I think the government must put some regulations regarding using this cars with some defects at least they should be banned. Because this defects can lead to road accident.

Its better to use an old car with its system working correctly than using new car with systems working poor (defects)

Now I’m not trying to promote some cars this article doesn’t contain any car promotion. But I’m trying to figure out on the Solutions To Road Accidents. Every one should consider using safe cars with proper working brakes, proper lights and the engine is working even more efficiently.

2. Speed should have Limits

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A lot of drivers even my self we tend to have over confidence, which often can cause trouble. some of the roads doesn’t require high speed if you cross the board line, maybe it’s a corner if you don’t follow the standards this can cause Road accident.

Some countries the government has been limiting the speed of public Transport To ensure that the vehicles. Are going to the required amount of speed. Based on the places or location to where that car will pass.

3. Distractive Driving is still the big problem

Driving while Alcoholic, using social media, Talking with other people while driving this are some of Distractive driving. Which in turn has caused a lot of Road accidents and it’s a major Cause of Road accidents in the world.

Please consider that if you’re driving while using social media. You may not be able to check your phone or the one who you’re chatting with  Again. Unless you’re not involved in a very serious accidents. Experts warns drivers to not use their phone while driving since social media causes a very bad effect known as the (Dopamine effect). That’s make you to progressively recheck and check. Which doe not only waste your time but also reduce focus while driving.

4. Road signs should be clear and visible

Solutions To Road Accidents

Road signs placed along the roads help guiding Road users, if there absence of Road sings this can cause confusion to Road Users. Lets say there isn’t speed guiding signs. The driver can go whatever speed he/she feels is safe. So the government should also put more budget on Road signs. And driver should be aware of this signs. You may find the driver doesn’t know the meaning of this signs yet is driving a vehicle and carrying

passengers. Seriously ? this is playing with peoples lives. Solutions to road accidents it’s a responsibility for every one and not the government itself.

5. Drivers should be Trained in Registered Training institutions

There are intuitions responsible for Licensing drivers who qualify a driving test. so the government should ensure that all drivers must be accessed by this institutions though there is a tendency of giving corruption to this institutions even if the driver doesn’t qualify for the driving test he/ she is given a license.

This has its effects in the long run since you may find majority of the road users have not trained enough which in turn can lead to Road accidents, so the only solution to this is the government should first ensure that this institutions train accordingly and incase of any something bad suspected strong rules and principle should take place.

How to Avoid Road accidents

Now we have looked on the solutions to road accidents, which everyone has already pass through. Now let’s see on some tips to Avoid a road accident. Though its not a guarantee that this can work but its some good tips which can prevent injuries or even death at all.

  • Stay active while driving
  • Don’t drive if you’re tired
  • Don’t use alcohol/ or any other form of distraction like checking your phone
  • Check your car before start driving
  • Limit your speed driving

This are just few tips to Avoid Road accidents which when followed well can help provide Solutions To Road Accidents. if you have any question or liked this article. consider sharing it to your beloved ones. and i will be very happy to hear you on the comment section below.

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