SASSA srd reapplication pending 2022 ? here’s how to fix it

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SASSA srd reapplication pending 2022, You have checked your sassa status and found a pending so in this article on our website we will guide you on what to do Sassa SRD Reapplication Pending we will show you what it means and what to do next. According to the media statement published by the Department of Social Development (DSD) on Friday 22 April 2022, those who need SRD R350 Grant will have to reapply. For you to be considered for the extended R350 Grant, you have to apply again. New applicants have to log their applications as well.

Reapplication of SRD Grant 2022

The Department of Social Development said “Given that the Covid-19 SRD will now be provided for under a new legislative framework, and that additional qualifying and assessment criteria will be added, those in need of assistance will have to apply for the Covid-19 SRD, or reapply if they were previously in receipt of this grant.” our website will cover all the information regarding the srd reapplication pending.

System Reapplication Reopening Date

The online application system was opened at 12am on Saturday 23 April 2022. We checked the SRD Website in the afternoon of the 23rd of April 2022 and found that the application tabs were active. This was after the application tabs were deactivated days before system reopening.

SRD Reapplication Pending Meaning

This means that Sassa has not received an application or reapplication for your SRD grant for the current term. As the Department has indicated on their statement, everyone have to reapplication for the SASSA SRD extension from April 2022 to March 2023, also some users despite the pending issue have reported that the SRD Reapplication failed you can click and read more about how to fix the failing error message.

SASSA srd reapplication pending 2022
SRD Reapplication pending

How to fix SASSA srd Reapplication Pending?

If you see this message as you SRD Grant application status, this means that you have to submit your SRD grant application or reapplication. 

What about ‘Awaiting Reapplication’?

This means the same as reapplication pending. You have to reapply in order to be considered for the grant.

How to Apply or Reapply for SRD R350 Grant?

At the moment, there is only one application channel which is the SRD website. To apply go to and follow the instructions.

Have you managed to send your reapplication to Sassa? If not, what challenges are you facing?, comment below and we will be happy to get you intouch.

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