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 South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has opened the SASSA appeal for R350 during this month of June. since many people were declined due to some reasons after the application period has ended and many people where very disappointed so are you looking towards submitting the R350 Grant appeals then read this article to get what you are looking for.

SASSA appeal for R350 2022

you can submit SASSA appeal for R350 for reconsideration through an online application form available through, the appeal process will start on Monday 27 June 2022. all the application links are available in this posts and instruction on how to apply

How to appeal for SASSA R350

  • using your device connected to the internet
  • visit and follow instruction
  • fill the form by completing it with valid details
  • keep tracking for your sassa reconsideration status

Clients who are appealing for the grant will be required to have a valid ID and Cell Phone number to access the new R350 grant appeal’s website. They will also need to submit an appeal for every month that their R350 grant application was rejected.

Declined application for Reconsideration which can not be appealed

so here are the declined reasons where you can not reapply or appeal for the R350 grant

  • alternative source of income (identified)
  • identity verification has failed
  • There is existing SASSA grant
  • exclusionary response found
  • Debtor
  • nsfas registered
  • UIF registered
  • government payroll registered
  • age outside range above 50 & below 18
  • Deceased record on DHA

if a client wishes to dispute the decision reached by SASSA, the client has all the rights to lodge an appeal with an independent tribunal through the website and follow all the process as directed in this article.

The new website where clients can submit R350 grant appeals is  The new system for appeals only applies to rejected R350 grant applications from April 2022 onwards. Old R350 grant appeals are being processed by Sassa

did you succeed appeal for SASSA R350

so we hope you have applied successful for SASSA appeal for R350 if you have faced any challenge you can contact sassa using their contact details and social networks, you can also visit sassa official website an login to your account for more information regarding the appeals and reconsideration status.

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