Top Richest women in Tanzania 2021

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Tanzania is the country from eastern part of Africa, with over 60 million people in population. While most of its economy being depended from agricultural sector. Some Tanzanian women have really proved wrong. The popular saying that women cant.

Some raised from a poor family, and have finally  become an influential icon in their society. We believe that women can made a lot of achievemnt. Since its only hardwork that separates it.

The list below are some of Richest women in Tanzania. this list is just an estimations. Based on assets owned, so the

data given here is not 100% legit, we believe there are millions of women who earn more than just this few ones mentioned here.

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Richest women in Tanzania 2021

  • Fatema dewji

Born in march 4, 1988 at Dare salaam, being Raised from the a wealthy family. Fatema is the sister of mohammed Dewji. The richest man in Tanzania, and the chairman of metl group.

 being an author. She has published several books on amazon making her one of the best women authors in Tanzania. fatema also works in the management team at metl group.

  • Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe mengi

Born December 6, 1978 Daresalaam. Famous as k-lyinn, jacqueline is Tanzanian award winning furniture and chairman of amorette ltd standing as the husband of Riginald mengi. One of the richest man in Tanzania.

Jacqueline is also the founder of Ntuyabaliwe foundation a charity organisation that help local primary schools in Tanzania. by funding learning equipments like libraries, computers and many others.

  • Nancy sumari
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Nancy is was born at Arusha in  August 7,1986  Tanzanian author, business woman and social entrepreneur. She is the founder of Bongo5, A popular media group company in Tanzania. also the founder of Neghesti sumari foundation, as this makes her one of the richest women in Tanzania.

  • Faraja kotta Nyalandu

standing as the husband of lazaro nyalandu, a former politician and a business man in Tanzania. faraja is the founder of

shuledirect a popular website which publishes, school learning materials.

Faraja is one of the richest women in Tanzania, but also an influential icon To most girls since faraja Her school life.

was regarded as Tanzania one student (best student).

  • Lady jaydee

Judith wambura mbibo, famous for her stage name Lady jaydee. Was born in june 15, 1979 at shinyanga district.

Lady jaydee still holds a record for the best female artist in Tanzania of all time. regarded as one of the richest artist in Tanzania.

as this makes her richest among Tanzania women.

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