Top 10 Richest Forex traders in South Africa and Their Net worth

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South Africa is regarded one of the country which take Forex opportunity very seriously Richest Forex traders in South Africa didn’t come as result of luck its a series of learning Trading skills. today we are going to elaborate those Richest or I can say wealthiest forex traders in South Africa especially the Top 10 richest Forex traders in South Africa 2021 they include as follows.

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  1. Sandile Shezi
Richest forex traders in south Africa

one of the forex trader who is regarded to be one of the most richest Forex Traders in South Africa Mr Sandile grew up in poor family he lived in a ghetto he started by putting his tuition money in the Foreign exchange market his net worth is approximately to be 2.3 million and this net worth it is obtained through forex trading this is actually a lot of money  and he is only 26 years old 2021.

2. George Van Der Riet 

this successful forex genius was born in Cape Town and furthered his studies in Manchester where by he studied Finances Mr George worked in banks  and the Forex industry  so these working experience helped George Riet to become one of richest Forex traders in South Africa .

3. Ref Wayne

Ref Wayne he is regarded to be one of the successful Forex traders in South Africa at first Mr Wayne he was suffering from lack of career development opportunities  when he was growing up so he decided to put a lot of efforts in forex trading sio Mr Wayne later he become successful so he joined the rank of Top 10 successful Forex traders in South Africa 2021.but also Wayne offers free Forex lessons to his community.

4. Jabulani Ngcobo

was born in 1985 he is regarded one of the richest Forex traders in South Africa 2021 and his net worth is estimated to be 2.4 million Mr Jabulani he is a self made millionaire which he obtained that money through Forex trading.

5. Louis Tshakoane

he is a young millionaire based in South Africa he has a Instagram account having 1 million followers  and also started  a free prophetic forex signals for free for those who cant afford to pay expensive premium signals on the Market and he is regarded to be among successful Forex traders in South Africa .

6. Simz D’ Mandla 

he is a millionaire he gained that money through Forex trading he became  a millionaire at the age of 20 years. he is not only a Forex trader but also he is a motivational speaker  and also provides knowledge on how to invest in various business.

7. Louis Tshakoane Junior

is one of the famous rich kids in South Africa he is only 30 years old he started his business when he was a teenager and he is regarded to be one of the richest forex traders in South Africa 2021 he gives youth a platform to show case their ideas  but also latest he hosted a free Forex seminar for students.

8.Shaun Benjamin 

he got his first million rand at the age of 21 years he studied engineering and he graduated but later he quited his job and started to trade in forex after he raised enough funds to start his own academy known as Benjamin Forex Academy.

9. Neliswe Masango

is the director of the Forex trading company Bear Run Investments she is regarded to successful Forex Traders in South Africa  so slowly  she started learning  entrepreneurial  management due to her dedication in Forex trading she letter becomes very competent in Forex Trading

10. Paballo Nkwe

she is in her 20’s and she is also a successful Forex trader South Africa she has a program where she tend to reach or visit women in South  Africa collage and universities  to share her skills of Forex trading  son as to teach them how to trade and ways to make Future investment.

thank you for reading our articles on Richest forex Traders in South Africa, if you have any list and you would like to share you can leave a comment below.

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