how to receive money from abroad in Tanzania

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how to receive money from abroad in Tanzania, the process for sending and receiving money has been progressively simplified every day this article its a guide on Best way to send money to Tanzania. not only sending and receiving but in fastest and safe ways. now follow this article to get all the information you need without wasting time there are several methods you can use to receive and send money from various places include Tanzania.

how to receive money from abroad in Tanzania

so far the evolutions of money has began from using various means of medium of exchange from barter Trade, Gold, Using of metal coins, paper money and Electronic money. now this article will focus on the electronic means of sending money from Abroad to Tanzania. though you can use Cryptocurrency to receive money which is the fastest method due to technology behind it (block chain) but this will not be our main point.

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how to receive money from abroad in Tanzania

you can use this methods to Receive money from Abroad to Tanzania:-

  • Banks through Wire Transfer
  • Western union
  • Word remit
  • money Gram
  • Xoom
  • PayPal

Receive money through Bank (wire Transfer)

there are many local banks in Tanzania that offers international money Transfer, banks like CRDB BANK PLC, NMB BANK, NBC BANK and many others just to mention a few can help you receive money from abroad in Tanzania. this can be done quickly from 1 to 2 business days your money can transferred. you only need to give your bank details to some who is in abroad the details you can give are

  • your bank full name
  • Bank Swift code/ IBAN
  • your account full name
  • your account number

this details will help international banks from abroad verify account ownership and send you the money. just be careful when providing your bank details, some sensitive information like your credit cards should not be provided since they can not be used when receiving money from abroad to Tanzania, unless for other uses like online purchases. so far this is the best and most recommended method since its safe and fast.

use western union to receive money from abroad

western union

Another Best way to send money to Tanzania is through the use of western union, After you register for a free account whether its on the mobile app or western union website log in to your profile, you can use a wide variety of services to complete your transactions. You can pay with your bank account or a credit card and debit card.

as this allows you to send money to another bank account from another location. what’s more even best about western union automatically We’ll send you a confirmation e-mail or a tracking number, so you can make sure your money is getting where it needs to go.

Receive money with world remit

you can also receive money from abroad to Tanzania with the use of worldremit , what’s even important about this service its offers free for the first 3Transactions just remember to use the code 3FREE when registering there are three options on world remit for sending money this are Bank Transfer, cash pickup and mobile money and Airtime Top-up which is not so commonly used.

you can Download world remit app for free to send money online in minutes to over 130 other countries. Track your payments and view your transfer history from anywhere. Your transfer will not start until World Remit receives authorization from your payment provider. Identity checks on the sender and/or recipient, third party operating hours or incorrect information can also extend the transfer time.

Receive Money from Abroad using other services

  • money Gram
  • Xoom
  • PayPal

I have point out this services as others since its not directly seeing as the global money services. for example the money gram only offers Receiving money from the UK, which exclude other countries. so if you have some one in the united kingdom and you want to receive money from him/her. then money gram can be your solution new users are offered with an Amazon gift card worth £5 Gift Card for your first Transactions.

Xoom and PayPal just operates the same Send and receive money from abroad with Xoom, a PayPal service mostly since withdrawing money from paypal to Tanzania is not easy it involves a lot of steps thats why you searched how to receive money from abroad in Tanzania right ?, with the use of xoom its has simplified alot since you can Transfer your money from paypal to xoom and withdrawal on mobile services like M-pesa, Tigo pesa, Airtel money and many others.

thank for reading our article on how to receive money from abroad in Tanzania, if you have any question or contributions just don’t hesitate to comment below and we will get back to you.

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