OTEAS Tamisemi registration & login 2022

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Online Teachers Application System OTEAS is the Online System developed and operated by tamisemi which allows you to apply for any government teaching post you qualify. The system is designed to help job seekers ( Teachers – Graduates) to apply for teaching vacancies in Tanzania Public schools.

Applicants for government teaching  Jobs were able to upload their profiles to the system, applicants are awaiting a response as to whether they have been assigned to work for several months after uploading their documents to the system. The names of applicants assigned to teaching schools are often provided in pdf format and uploaded to the PMORALG website.

OTEAS Tamisemi registration 2022

Applications processed through OTEAS do not require accompaniment by hard copies. Also, the online job application portal does not require job seekers to submit any payments. Therefore, it is an entirely free platform, created solely for serving the needs of job seekers in the teaching profession.

The President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government provide the service. Before using the Online Teachers Employment Application System (OTEAS), you must be registered on the databased you can watch the video below as it will help you concerning with the OTEAS Tamisemi registration.

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oteas tamisemi login

Visit ajira.tamisemi.go.tz to access the online application portal. You will be welcomed by the home page, whereby you can access all the current openings. Since it is your first application and you are not yet in the system, you need to register.

On the right side of the website, you will notice a tab with a clickable “register here” link. Click the tab and move to the next section.

Note: The link may not work  because the application window has not yet been opened. We’ll let you know when the system is open.

Once you are on the second page of the Online Teachers Employment Application System, you can start adding your details on the empty fields. You ought to write down only the correct information. These are:

  • The year you completed your Form four studies.
  • The index number you utilized for your Form four examinations.
  • Year of completion.
  • Your contact details that are, mobile number and email address.

After successfully entering all the required personal information, click the “register” tab. You will be notified that your account has been created successfully and you can now proceed with logging in to the platform. You will also get your unique username and password.

Once you have logged in on the Online Teachers Application System Tanzania utilizing your credentials, you will get another opportunity to fill more details about yourself. Remember that in the first sections of providing your information, you only gave your first name. Here, you have to provide your first, second, and third names. Other details are:

  • Form four education
  • Form six education if applicable
  • College education
  • License information
  • Birth certificate
  • Applicant CV
  • Application letter

This will be your official profile for all the applications that you submit through the Online Teachers Application System OTEAS. Once you have filled all the relevant sections, click save.

Finalize your application after

Since you have already added all the required data for open positions, you can now proceed with applying for any post. Proceed with the next steps as instructed.

The Online Teachers Application System has simplified the entire process of searching and applying for a job. What was once a purely manual system has transformed into a simple and effective platform where job seekers access open slots. Forget about location and time constraints. Now, everything is online, accessible at your convenience, so thats how you can perform the OTEAS tamisemi registration 2022 its very easy for any problem with the OTEAS contact the helpline desk: 026-2160210


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