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ntu student link login, ntu student portal, ntu student link pin, With the Nanyang technological university student link gives you access to various learning resources  such as grades, class listings, and student learning resources, as well as: Electronic Payment. so this article will guide you step by step on how easily you can access the NTU student link which will give you access to the login page, after entering the correct details such the correct username and password.

information found on NTU student link

The Student Link is available at wis.ntu.edu.sg The Student Link provides students access to many services such as

  • grades
  • Electronic payments
  • courses
  • medical insurance
  • financial aid provided by organization in Singapore

how to access the NTU student link login

  • visit the website for the Nanyang technological university
  • Enter Network Username
  • Password: and Domain


NB: the NTU student link login is the same as the student intranet check out NTU student intranet access it here the student link at the Nanyang technological university contains a domain where user can choose to login as student or NIEstudent

 NTU student link login

NTU student link please check if PIN login is enabled

this an error message which the students at the Nanyang technological university normally faces when trying to login at the NTU student link this only happens when you access the student link via google search. but when you access student link via the intranet the error can be cleared

NTU student link change password

to change your password go to the Network account password changer via the website https://pwd.ntu.edu.sg change your password accordingly,

  • Your new password length must have all of the following attributes
  • a) Length between 8 and 16 characters
  • b) At least 1 UpperCase letter
  • c) At least 1 LowerCase letter
  • d) At least 1 Number
  • e) At least 1 Special Character (e.g. [email protected]#$%^&*_-+=`|\(){}[]:;”‘<>,.?/)
  • f) Must not contain your username or part of your display name

Note that changing your NTU student link password will automatically update your adventure login password within 24 hours form the time of request for Non-matriculated students who also wish to change their password login to adventure in the tools panel click personal information, followed by change password type your new password and verify it

NB: if this method fails visit the IT support at Nanyang technological university and will help you, for more information about the NTU student link login page visit the university website or contact Tel: (+65) 6791 1744

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