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nikonekt Tanesco, nikonekt tanesco co tz, Maombi ya kuunganisha umeme kwa njia ya mtandao, Tanesco i-connect This article contains all the guide concerning with the Nikonekt power application website portal which enables Tanzania citizens to request for power services online.

nikonekt Tanesco | nikonekt tanesco co tz

  1. To use the nikonekt Tanesco just open your browser and visit the address below
  2. then go to and Select Power Application Service
  3. Select purpose, Category, Application type, Identification type and identification number
  4. Use National Identification Card Number (NIN) for application intended for residential purpose with the format: 1984081911660000xxx
  5. Use Company Registration Number/TIN for Company or Institutions
  6. Click Start New Application
  7. Fill in Profile, Contact Person and property details
  8. Click Submit Application
  9. You will receive a message upon successful filling and submitting application details
  10. Click List of Contractor to see eligible Electrical contractors or may visit their office to select contractor of your choice
  11. Share system generated application number and phone number to the contractor of your choice to enable him to fill wiring details into the system.
  12. Electrical Contractor will fill in wiring details and his declaration and submit the applicant details to TANESCO through the online portal
  13. An Applicant will be notified through direct SMS upon submission of his wiring details by the Electrical Contractor to TANESCO
  14. TANESCO shall survey the area to establish cost and requirements for connections thereafter customer will be given a quotation amount and control number to affect payments through direct SMS or Downloading from the Power Application portal
  15. Customer will affect payment through various payment channels
  16. Customer will be notified through direct SMS upon successful payment
  17. then, TANESCO shall connect the power to enlighten customer’s life

Click here for nikonekt Tanesco Online power application

For now this service is only available in few regions including Dare salaam, Pwani, Dodoma, singida, Morogoro, Tanga, Arusha, manyara, and Kilimanjaro

nikonekt Tanesco
nikonekt tanesco co tz

nikonekt Tanesco Check application status

Use boxes to search the progress of your application. To view nikonekt application status, correct returned application, quotation, receipt and download application and agreement for power supply form The following below are the procedure for checking your application status:-

  •  Enter Application Number.
  •  Enter Mobile Number used for application.
  •  Click Check status.
  •  View progress.
  •  Check remark for any assigned task.
  •  Take an action to correct the assigned task if any
nikonekt Tanesco
nikonekt check application status

nikonekt Electrical Contractor Wiring Details

The interface is used by electrical contractors only to fill wiring details of their respective clients you can enter the details like License No, Contractor Password, Application No and Mobile Number. for more information about the nikonekt you can contact tanesco using the details including phone call +255 748 550 000 email [email protected]


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