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vifurushi vya bima ya afya, vifurushi vipya vya bima ya afya, nhif packages and prices in Tanzania, aina za vifurushi vya bima ya afya The national health insurance fund in Tanzania, nhif is the major health insurance in Tanzania controlled by the government of Tanzania, as it has been operating since the last 20 years but recently the nhif has improved a lot. this is because having nhif health insurance it has become compulsory.

so are you looking for the nhif packages and prices in Tanzania

here are the list of the new nhif packages it has been grouped accordingly to
⦁ As per person

⦁ Married with children

⦁ person with children

the photo below shows the list of nhif packages and prices in Tanzania

Is it important to have health insurance
i can say having health insuarance its worth especially if you have been diagnosed with alot of health problems with a long term impact like AIDS and many others.

check out for the photo below

 nhif packages and prices in Tanzania

so to avoid this why cant you just have the cheap health insuarance.

But if you have a strong health i think its not very important because this companies can be cutting off your salary every month or year. without having any health problem or going for a health checkup. you can just use your own income to provide for a self treatment which it is also good.

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