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Nafasi za kazi sensa 2022, Ajira za Sensa Tanzania, National bureau of statistics (NBS) are expected to conduct census 2022 Tanzania. so the good news is that more jobs will be created during this programme, there are more than 300 jobs are expected to be announced during this year. so are you looking for Nafasi za kazi sensa 2022, census job opportunities in Tanzania read this article very careful on our website so that to get all the information in detail.

Nafasi za kazi sensa 2022 | Ajira za Sensa Tanzania

already the preparation has already started of the 2022 Population and Housing Census scheduled to be held this year in August, The process is crucial for socio-economic development planning. since one of the most important aspects for national development planning is accurate population data. And it needs frequent updates because the population in developing economies like Tanzania is always on the rise. For many countries, the census is done after every ten years.

Nafasi za kazi sensa 2022 | Ajira za Sensa Tanzania

organizationNational bureau statistics (NBS)
LocationTanzania region wise
Application deadline19-05-2022
application sensa 2022


  • Must be a Tanzanian citizen at least 18 years of age
  • Have an education starting from Form Four and above (Higher education will be given priority)
  • Be able to use the TABLET (Smart Phone) as well as the computer
  • Those who have participated in the previous Census will be given priority
  • Be ready to be assigned to any region

Available positions

  • Makalani Waandikishaji – Registration Clerk (Position 274,305)
  • Makalani Wasimamizi – Managing Clerks (148,058 positions)

The applicant should attach a job application letter, specifying the unit of work he / she needs, Attach his / her current CV, Attach the copy of his / her education certificates, birth certificate , NIDA number and letter of local chairperson identifying his / her residence

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Tanzania carried out the last Population and Housing Census (PHC) in 2012, for the fifth time since independence. The 2012 population census’ results indicated a population of 43,625,354 million in Tanzania mainland, and 1,303,569 in Tanzania Zanzibar. The data, and projections, thereafter are vital in helping the nation execute its national plans in diverse sectors like health and education.

UN data latest new estimates that Tanzania 2020 population to be almost 60 million. It is essential to ascertain the data and check if the population has grown in less than nine years with about 20 million. generally If you divide the number by nine years, we are talking of 2.2 million Tanzanians are born every year.

Nafasi za kazi sensa 2022 ( ajira za sensa) has not yet been announced in full information, more explanations will be added to this page so stay tuned. Tanzania is expected to conduct a population and housing census August this year. The exercise is nationwide and requires staff to run the exercise.

The deadline for applications for ajira za sensa 2022 is 19/05/2022. Those who meet the criteria will be called in for an interview for more information about Nafasi za kazi sensa 2022 contact the National Bureau of Statistics, Tel: +255 26 2963822, Email: [email protected] or visit the official website:

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