neaea grade 12 results 2022 check here

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This article will help you check the neaea grade 12 results 2022, grade 12 result 2022, the National education Assessment and Examination Agency will soon announce the grade 12 results 2022 so read this article very careful to get all the information regrading this topic.

we expect the National Educational Assessment and Examination Agency (NEAEA), to release the Ethiopia neaea grade 12 results 2022, in July 2022. so this results will be for the students who have already written their exams this year. other year exam results can be found in the portal so you can check from there. you can check the frequently asked question bow people so that it can help you understand regarding the release of neaea results.

How to check neaea grade 12 results 2022 at (

there are various ways to check for the results, National education Assessment and Examination Agency (NEAEA) allows students to access Ethiopia Student Result online. As a result, the neaea grade 12 exam result can also be checked online through the following below steps:-

  • Switch on your laptop or mobile and connect to the Internet.
  • Open a any web browser and type
  • Check the main menu and click on Student Result.
  • Now select Grade 12.
  • Enter “Student Registration Number”
  • Finally, click on GO.
neaea grade 12 results 2022

You can also get your neaea grade 12 results through downloading an app for checking the results online then see an example below, of how the results are displayed in neaea app.

NameHipes ****
Afaan OromooA

How can I get Grade 12 2022 in Ethiopia ?

You can get the grade 12 results 2022 in Ethiopia through various ways:-

  • at your school Centre
  • online using website or app
  • using SMS service
  • Using telegram bot

if have no access to the internet connection you can opt to check the neaea grade 12 results using the SMS service. the Students can check their results by sending free of charge text message “RTN”, then space and their code number to 8181.

የ12ኛ ክፍል ውጤት ለማየት GRADE 12 RESULT የሚለውን ክሊክ በማድረግ ይግቡ።
የተማሪዎች ምርጫ ላይ ለመስራት STUDENTS CHOICE የሚለውን ክሊክ በማድረግ ይግቡ።

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