NBT Preparation app Download

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NBT Preparation app Download, NBT app download apk, new NBT preparatory app, National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) has recently launched the NBT preparation app for learners. so this article contains all the information regarding the NBT Prep app and how you can download it on your mobile device for both apple and play store on android.

before the launch of the National benchmark tests app Prospective university students used to rely on assistance from their school teachers, tutors, and parents to prepare for the NBTs. until when the Advantage of Technology can to place and the team identified learners that were struggling to prepare for the NBTs.

NBT Preparation app Download

The NBT app, National benchmark tests app was launched by the Advantage Learn that is set to provide students with free guidance resources. To give us a detailed analysis of how this app works and how learners can benefit from it, so how can learners download this app because we have tried to check on the google play store and apple app store but we haven’t found the NBT Preparation app. all the information about the can be found at the advantagelearn.com website.

NBT Preparation app Download
NBT prep app

NBT Preparation app Download here The National Benchmark Test, or NBT, is written when applying to universities, bursaries or jobs which require it. A good NBT result is your ticket into university. Secure your future by obtaining your best NBT result. Prepare with Advantage Learn, the leaders in NBT preparation.

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according to the National benchmark test NBT registrations for the 2022 intake opened on 1 April 2022, the tests will run on from 05 June 2022 to 02 October 2022. NBT sites are available across the country and also in some SADC countries (Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe)

so that’s all about the NBT prep app for more information about the app visit the official website advantage learn.

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