Pata namba ya nida kwa njia ya mtandao | NIDA Number online

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namba ya nida kwa njia ya mtandao, The national identity card NIDA, Is responsible for for issuing national Identity cards (ID) to all Tanzanian Citizens for the purpose of Validating all information regarding its citizens, its operating across the country with its branches in Regional offices.

so are you looking for your NIDA Number through Online. namba ya nida kwa njia ya mtandao Read carefully this article so as you can get your NIDA Number. there are various methods of getting your NIDA Number apart from the using the internet there is also SMS Method (namba ya nida kwa sms).

namba ya nida kwa njia ya mtandao | Get your NIDA number here

Kupata Namba ya nida kwa njia ya mtandao soma Fuata maelekezo hapo chini

Namba ya nida kwa njia ya mtandao

including the First name, Surname and your Date of birth and other information, make sure you fill the details correctly and after finishing click Send. If the portal brings an error you can Try again multiple times or visit your nearest NIDA office for assistance.

Thank you for reading our article concerning Namba ya nida (NIDA number) if you have any question you can comment below and we will get back to you shortly.

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    Namba ya nida

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    How can l get my NIDA number?

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