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MySDMC SSO login, mysdmc sso sign in This article contains all the information that will help you access the login page for the school district of Manatee county Florida. its very easy to sign in or login to the portal when you have a device connected to the internet so here are the step by step guide that will help you read this article very careful.

MySDMC SSO login

If you want sign in or login to MySDMC SSO page you need to visit the that is special for school at manatee county Florida. we have the direct links below this article that will direct you to the portal.

MySDMC SSO login
Login page for manatee schools portal

Click here to access MySDMC SSO portal

Hints: For the case of the term SSO it stands for Single Sign On and MySDMC is the school district manatee county in Florida. this portal works best with google chrome so you can try to install it if other browsers can get sign in. below we have Student MySDMC SSO Guide check so that you can easly manage your account after login.

My Profile

after you have login to the MySDMC SSO then you can check your profile by Click the drop down arrow next to the profile picture in the upper right, then click “My Profile” button. You can add a profile picture, as well as customize other aspects of your profile in this section

MySDMC SSO login
MySDMC SSO login page displaying profile

mysdmc sso Password Recovery Setup

You can setup your password recovery questions in case you need to reset your log-in password in the future. Just pick 3 questions and provide the answers then click “Save Questions”


This is where all your district applications reside. You can use the search box to look for an application, click on the pencil icon to go into edit mode, click on the bell icon to see notifications and
access helpful resources by clicking on the question mark icon

MySDMC SSO: launchpad

My Apps

Your online resources are located in the “My Apps” screen. These are preselected by the district for your location. However, you may find that there is an App that you do not have which you have seen. In
that case, look in your App Library screen shown next in #6.

App Library

To add an App to the “My Apps” screen, click the Plus (+) on the top left nav bar. Browse the App Library or use the Search field to find an App. Click the “Add” button to add the App. Click “Remove” to remove an App. Click the top right “x” to close the Library

Edit Mode

Click the “Pencil” in the upper right navigation bar to customize yourappearance. You can change your colors, themes, icons, font and organize your apps by changing their order or creating folders for

Online Help

Find videos, screenshots and directions on how to use the MySDMC SSO ClassLink Portal. Click on the “?” on the top right of your screen and click on the green “Online Help” button

important tips for: MySDMC SSO login

Possible actions you may need to take:

  • Your child may need to enter his/her username (the 10-digit school id) and password before continuing. 
  • After a computer update, Chrome update, or password change, your child may be asked to verify his/her computer password.  This would be the password that he or she uses to log on to her computer at school, the password mentioned in #1 above.  Please note that the drop down window will ask for your child to input his/her password TWICE.
  • You may be asked to add an extension to Chrome for the MySDMC SSO to work properly.  Click Yes/Submit/Add to this request.

Once the launchpad appears, users will be able to access such websites as iReady, IXL, etc.  so thats all about the mysdmc SSO for manatee schools in Florida for more information visit the official website and follow their social media pages.

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