mshahara wa diploma ya pharmacy Tanzania 2022

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mshahara wa diploma ya pharmacy, Mshahara Wa Diploma Ya Pharmaceutical Science Kwa Mwezi, pharmacy is a career that deals with the study of varieties drugs and how the help towards improving our health. there are various colleges and universities that provide knowledge to pharmacists in Tanzania that’s make them qualified pharmacists so would you like to know how much are pharmaceutical technicians with diploma are paid then read this article very careful to get all the information required.

mshahara wa diploma ya pharmacy

Your In on This Page you will find the estimations of salaries for diploma in pharmacy, we do not guarantee you that the information written here is hundred percent valid rather than estimations based on our research from qualified professionals

mshahara wa diploma ya pharmacy 2022

goverment (serikalini)Tzs 700,000 – 600,000
privateTzs 600, 000 – 500,000
Salary ranges700,000 – 500,000

The salary ranges for mshahara wa diploma ya pharmacy 2022 also depends on many factors such as the area your work and how likely the premise is generating the profit, if your a diploma pharmacists and employed at the government may be in hospitals, TMDA and other health sectors then your salary will be higher compared to the one who is employed at the private sectors

Being a pharmacists its not all about salary (mshahara), its a place where you need to think more on how to improve the life and health in your community and that’s Quality service delivery, Integrity and Professionalism


if your planning to start a pharmacy business in Tanzania then Registration and licensing of pharmaceutical personnel and premises that stores and sell pharmaceuticals and medical devices is mandatory. this is because he Recognition of personnel is explained under the Pharmacy (Registration, Enrollment and Enlisting of persons) Regulations, G.N No. 332 of 2005.

for more information about mshahara wa diploma ya pharmacy then visit the pharmacy council website, or join forums and groups where qualified pharmacist can help you find out the exact figure for the salary

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