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MOE SMS registration 2022, SMS Exam results,, Moe results, brunei cambridge gce a level results. this article will guide you regarding registration for Brunei-Cambridge GCE A level October/ November 2021 Examination results through SMS (Short messaging service). so if your a student from Brunei and you want to check your results make sure you perform the MOE SMS registration 2022.

MOE SMS registration 2022

Parents/Guardians and students can register through mobile phones via Short Messaging Service (SMS) and will need to input the following text; MOEREG[CENTRECODE][CANDIDATE NUMBER][CANDIDATE 1.C. NO] and send to 8885555 for DST Subscribers or 38666 for Progresif Sdn. Bhd. Subscribers. No charges will be applied for registration made through mobile phones. Parents/Guardians and students may begin subscribing to this service starting from Saturday, 22 January 2022. read the article below to perform the MOE SMS registration.

MOE SMS registration 2022

  • To register through MOE SMS type the following text
    MOE [space] REG [space] CENTER CODE [space] CANDIDATE CODE [space] CANDIDATE IC
  • Send to 8885555 for DST subscribers, for Progresif subscribers send to 38666
  • If successful a verification message will be sent with the student’s particulars and CANCEL TAG
  • Please verified that the student’s particulars are correct else you many cancel the registration

Examination results will only be sent to subscribers via SMS upon approval from the Department of Examinations, Ministry of Education to release these results. Subscribers will be charged an amount of B$3.00 for each SMS result received.

The Ministry of Education hopes that this service (MOE SMS registration 2022) will benefit the members of the public especially parents/guardians and students as well as the Ministry of Education’s stakeholders
in general.

How to cancel Registration on SMS

if you have already register using the SMS service so that you can receive the MOE results in Brunei then you can simply cancel using the following steps.

  • To CANCEL the registration through MOE SMS type the following text
    MOE [space] CANCEL TAG
  • Send to 8885555 for DST subscribers, for Progresif subscribers send to 38666

Remember you will have to accepts the Terms & conditions before requesting the MOE SMS registration (SMS Exam Results) for more information visit

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