majina ya waliofaulu usaili wa sensa 2022

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majina ya waliofaulu usaili wa sensa 2022 PDF, orodha ya majina ya waliofaulu mtihani wa sensa so the interview of census has been done and many candidates would like to know if they have been selected and become eligible for the census exercise which will be conducted on august this year The Population and Housing Census is a national exercise conducted every 10 years where the last census to be held in the country is the one in 2012.

so in this article we have the date as per the census timetable ratiba ya sensa for the announcement of the names read this article very careful so that you can get all the information your looking for.

majina ya waliofaulu usaili wa sensa

majina ya waliofaulu usaili wa sensa 2022

According to the time table the names of census applicants who have passed interview will be announced by NBS and OCGS between 24 July 2022 and 25

majina ya waliofaulu usaili wa sensa yametoka Tembelea tovuti ya kuatazama kisha download PDF

you will find the names who have passed the census interview in regional offices, if your name have not appeared on the list it means you are not selected so make sure to check careful.

before the names have been announced by the National bureau of statistics the names will be summitted firstly on the district level towards regional level, so that every applicants can check for whether he/she has been selected or not.

coordination of the regional census will submit the names of the selected nbs and ocgs for records and to announce on the internet

Matokeo ya usaili wa sensa 2022 |

How to check selected Names

The following method will help you check the names who have passed the interview and selected for the census job.

  • Visit the website
  • Go to the public announcements section
  • check for waliofaulu usaili wa sensa 2022
  • Download the PDF File

You will be able to download the PDF file, after you have download the list save it on your device you can also print it as a reference and congratulation for your success.

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