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lms dhvsu login, Don Honorio Ventura State University (DHVSU) has the eThink which can be accessed through, lms.dhvsu.edu.ph so this article will guide you through all the process to help you access the portal. here at our website myajiratoday.com we have the direct links for the lms dhvsu login portal.

Don Honorio Ventura State University (DHVSU) eThink – lms dhvsu login

This Step by Step Guide is intended for students and teachers of Don Honorio Ventura State University

I. Logging in your G Suite Account

Step 1: Open your browser, type in “google.com” and select “Sign In” found at the upper right part of your screen.

lms dhvsu login

Step 2. Log in your G Suite Account credentials (username and password) then click “Next”. Please ensure that you enter the correct credentials with the following sequence.

Enter: login credentials

Student [email protected] site Example: [email protected]

Step 3. A prompt box will appear asking if you want your password to be saved by Google. Select “Yes” so you will not be entering your password every time you open your G Suite Account.

II. Accessing DHVSU eThink by Open LMS site

Step 4. In your browser, open the DHVSU eThink site via the URL: https://lms.dhvsu.edu.ph/

lms dhvsu login

Step 5. Click the “Google Icon” to enter your G Suite Account.

lms dhvsu login

Step 6. Once entered, you will be directed to your DHVSU LMS Dashboard.

lms dhvsu login

Step 7. Click the “Burger Icon” located at the upper left part of the screen to access the courses or subjects you are enrolled in.

lms dhvsu login

Step 8. From the list, select the course or subject you want to open.

Step 9. You are now ready to explore your course or subject.

lms dhvsu login

Step 10. And, to know more about the activities that you will encounter inside your LMS, please check the “eThink powered by Open LMS Moodle Basics – v3.9” subject. for more information about the lms dhvsu login portal visit the official website Don Honorio Ventura State University www.dhvsu.edu.ph

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