jinsi ya kutongoza kwa kutumia sms lazima apagawe 2022

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jinsi ya kutongoza kwa kutumia sms, jinsi ya kutongoza kwa kutumia simu, namna ya kutongoza kwa kutumia sms

jinsi ya kutongoza kwa kutumia sms

Making some one love you is easy but, making your love as a progress is where the problem starts. in todays article we will see on jinsi ya kutongoza kwa kutumia sms this are the ways you can use to seduce him/her.

Many boys Just believe that if you seduce a girl and then she likes you. then its the end of story and enjoyment starts, but do you know that SMS are one of them powerful words that can transform your love into a strong bond filled with joys.

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maybe you are just shallow to talk about your feelings to someone you love, then you should check for the alternatives like using SMS or even love writings.

jinsi ya kutongoza kwa kutumia sms

Unampenda msichana au mvulana na unaona njia sahihi kuelezea penda lako ni kwa kutumia SMS naelewa. magumu unayo pitia sasa leo katika andiko hili tutakusaidia jinsi ya kutongoza kwa kutumia sms.

Send the SMS that will capture him/her attention

you already in love. so why don’t just try to capture her attentions, you can just start with a simple words like I miss you. and send it don’t worry he/she hasn’t suspected your feelings right? after the reply don’t rush to send another SMS. wait for sometime so that you can look a little bit busy and not just an easy going.

Make sure you are not direct when talking about yourself and your feelings. just use general descriptions when you can master these tactics . you will win on any relationship your trying to engage with.

Understand the power of emojis

Using emojis can easily express your feelings like when your sad, happy literal emojis are great. emojis can capture easily ones attention especially to a man. so using powerful words and emojis your likely to win Him/her heart so don’t under estimate the power of emojis.

Try to be friendly and avoid sending Too much texts

You have already introduced your self so at the beginning try to be friendly and help him/her with any problem he tries to explain it to you. but avoid sending too much texts since its detrimental your relationship health.

Sending many texts can make you seen as less important, many people are busy right ? and cannot care of dozens of your SMS right away in their inbox. just be cool and normal.

Always make him/her the last in the SMS chat flow

its not so much important but try to be smart by playing this game. for example of your text ends with a goodbye leave him/her to finish it. if a reply is thank. don’t say anything and leave it until he/she text you back.

playing this game can make you smart and always you will be seen important to your partner. so thank you for reading our article on jinsi ya kutongoza kwa kutumia sms if you have any question regarding this kind of topic just leave a comment below and we will get back to you very shortly.


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