is competition necessary during exam results ?

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Exam results has remained to be one of the common method used by schools to test student knowledge, even in todays advancement of technology which has brought vast changes in the education sector online exams and paper Exams are still used, so is competition really necessary during exam results.

With exam results which brought Stress and fear causing depression to many of students even college students, competition shouldn’t be about be who comes first or last. It should be taken into positive perspective on with the goal of inculcating discipline and building self-esteem in ourselves by teaching us how to face failure.

is competition necessary during exam results

why competition is bad during exam results

learning shouldn’t be about passing Exams with higher Marks getting Excellent its all about what do you learn to help the society. unfortunately many people don’t understand Especially some of the parents who thinks that leading in class is the one that decides the future of their kids.

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lets get to the point we are born with different abilities some people are born with talents in mathematics others singing with a good voice. since we differ in abilities then why do we judge and comparing ourselves to other peoples abilities.

at some point your life if you attended school I’m sure you have already been a victim of Exam results depression which in real sense it doesn’t supposed to be like that. there is a famous quote that say that.

Judge no one just improve your self

if you want something then working towards achieving it is great, but always don’t compare yourself with other peoples abilities. if your not interested on doing something then its better to be honest not doing it rather than forcing yourself in the long run this will help you.

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