IEBC Form 34B Download PDF

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IEBC Form 34B, The Kenya election results are now being announced on IEBC Portal. This article will help you download the reported Forms 34A, 34B, and 34Cs and you will also under stand the meaning of this form during this period of Kenya general elections as many people are in the pressure for awaiting the final presidential results.

IEBC Form 34B Download PDF

You can download the IEBC Form 34B, These are being on the Kenya Election portal follow this steps to download

  • visit portal
  • Choose form 34B
  • Click on the name of your County
  • Then select your Constituency and Caw
  • On the next page, choose your Polling Centre
  • On that page, below the “Download” section, click on the download symbol to download the reported 34B
IEBC Form 34B


For more information and to download the iebc form 34b visit the website portal

Form 34B Meaning

the IEBC Form 34B is used for the collation of the presidential election results. the form is indicated with the polling station code, the name of the station, the number of registered voters, what each candidate garnered  and the number of valid votes cast.

since the Presidential result forms are in category 34. The Form 34C is derived from constituency form 34B which is derived from polling station form 34A.


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