idea debater login & register

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idea debater login,, This is new platform mostly popular in Tanzania where users can create an account (register) using some referral links or with a special codes and earn some money as a commission.

idea debater is available through the mobile version that’s why its domain name has a mobi, so this article will guide you on how you can login and register at the website we will also review the platform and inform you if its a scam or legit company.

idea debater login & register

  • To login/register to the platform you need to have a smartphone that have access to internet and a web browser
  • on your smartphone web browser type then access the site
  • it will direct you to the login page if its your first time click register but if you already have an account just click login
idea debater login and register

is idea debater legit company ?

from our website, have conducted a research and found that ideadebater is not good place for you investment since the website domain only have two months since it has been created, idea debater is a scam and fraud and you should never put your money in this type of business, we can prove to you for some reasons.

  • The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity on WHOIS
  • This website has received negative reviews
  • This website is (very) young.

The company is a ponzi scheme, where it pays existing investors with funds collected from new investors which is not good at all you will need to join with a small amount of money (initial start), which will promise you to be paid every day depending on the money invested such business is a fraud and you should never get involved with.

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