ibiciro bya gaz mu Rwanda | gas prices Rwanda

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ibiciro bya gaz mu Rwanda 2022,  this article contains all information concerning the latest gas prices Rwanda available in Rwandan franc. this prices are updated every Day, gas prices are measured in liters and gallon where 1litre equals to 0.26 gallons read this article where every thing written here is based on the estimation facts with vivid examples. we do not assure you that the article written here is correct but estimated based on authority sources.

ibiciro bya gaz mu Rwanda

here we have a Table showing ibiciro bya gaz mu Rwanda latest gas prices in Rwanda gas prices per liter/gallon are converted from USD To Rwandan franc, According to the latest exchange rates where 1 USD Equals to 1,020 Rwandan franc. We show prices for Rwanda from 03-Jan-2022 to 11-Apr-2022. The average value for Rwanda during that period was 1,251.13 Rwanda Franc with a minimum of 1,225.00 Rwanda Franc on 03-Jan-2022 and a maximum of 1,359.00 Rwanda Franc on 11-Apr-2022.

ibiciro bya gaz mu Rwanda 2022 | gas prices Rwanda

Rwanda gas prices1 Litre1 Gallon

so this means that per liter gas prices in Rwanda costs RWF 1,359 While, per gallon it costs RWF 5,144.372, For comparison, the average price of gasoline in the world for this period is 1,872.74 Rwanda Franc. you can Use the drop menu available at globalpretoprices for Rwanda to see the prices in gallons, so that was all about the ibiciro bya gaz mu Rwanda 2022 we will kepp updating this article to match with the user needs

last month RURA Rwanda announced that gas prices should not exceed, but Traders in Rwanda keep ignore and want to pursue for the maximum profit. as they set that the final price at a gas at a buyer should not exceed Amafaranga RWF 1,260 Per kilogram while the costs of its completion should not exceed RWF 1,220, while the prices for factories should not exceed RWF 1,151

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