How to submit Teacher Recruitment Application letter via zampost ems

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the teachers recruitment advert has been released today, so many applicants would like to know how to use the zampost ems to track their application letters. so if your the one then read this article very careful so that you could apply for the Teacher positions successfully as stated well from the Teachers recruitment advert 2022.

zampost ems  online tracking system
zampost ems online tracking system

The ZAMPOST EMS service has an online tracking system for applicants to track the application letter. Applicants should indicate at the back of the envelope, the full names, NRC, phone number, gender and category applied for and level of qualification.

Application letter details to include in Envelope

teacher Recruitment Application letter should be included in the A4 Envelope Labelled as follows in left top corner

  • Category : PRIMARY
  • Qualification : PRIMARY DEGREE

Middle part of the Teacher recruitment application letter


This time around Prospective Teachers are only required to staple the two sets of documents separately and then put them in an A4 Envelope Labelled as indicated above, then you can proceed by attaching two Revised STA form 1s get it here and the relevant documents as stated in the Teachers commission website (TSC)

Unlike previous Teacher Recruitment were Prospective Teachers were required to submit four sets of Application Forms filed in the subject folders. This time around Prospective Teachers are only required to staple the two sets of documents separately and then put them in an A4 Envelope Labelled as indicated above.

NB: All applicants are required to fill in two sets of completed Application Forms and put in one envelope, Kindly remember to address envelope to the District Human Resource Management Committee of the District you have indicated on the STA Form 1 then the next step is to learn how to use the zampost ems online tracking system to trace for the teachers recruitment application letter as well as sending the application letters included in one envelope by using the Zampost ems

zampost ems online tracking system

he process of submitting Application Forms has moved from being physically submitting copies to DEBS to the use of the Zampost Express Mail Services (EMS).

The following below are the instructions how to track your letter:-

  • Visit official website link
  • Enter your shipment ID
  • click on the search iZAMPOST EMS Tracking System mage to get the tracking information for your shipment.
  • The shipment ID will be available on the receipt your received while booking your shipment
  • Once your shipment is delivered, we also provide SMS/Email notifications to you if you are in Malawi

Enter the 13 character length shipment ID and then click get tracking information, thats as the Teacher applicant you will be able to get the tracking details for your Teacher recruitment application letter using the ZAMPOST EMS Tracking System.

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  1. Milimo says:

    How do I know that my letter received or delivered

  2. Lungu Judith says:

    I submitted my teacher apprecation but I have not received any zam post text of confirmation

  3. Harrison Mwape says:

    I Haven’t Received My Second Delivery SMS, But I Received My First SMS, And My Item Is Showing Recieved From Kitwe Main To Mkushi When The Item Is Coming From Kabwe To Luano

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