Requirements for pharmacy business in tanzania

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requirements for opening a pharmacy in tanzania, criteria to open a pharmacy

So, do you plan to start a pharmacy business in Tanzania that’s a good Idea

because approximately over 60% of Tanzanian residents do not get safe and quality medicines. so if you plan to start a pharmacy business it is more worth it than you think!

“if you want to be rich you should solve bigger problems because the more bigger problems you solve the more it worth it”

In this article will cover the quick steps to start a pharmacy business in Tanzania, I think this some of tips can be applied in any countries who plan to build a pharmacy store and run it as a business.

Firstly you have already have an idea of opening or starting a pharmacy business remember that pharmacy deals with drugs so it should be taken

seriously since you deal with people’s lives so a lot of care when handling this business is required.
So ,when you are planning of starting a pharmacy business the following important steps should be adhered to.

• Choosing a suitable business area

• Have a license for conducting a pharmacy business

• A starting capital for building or premise

• Good looking pharmacy store with air conditioning

• Have other health workers including

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Choosing a suitable business area

So lets start with choosing the suitable business area as this can ensure

growth of your pharmacy business according to Tanzania there are a lot of

opportunities when it comes to opening a pharmacy store in Tanzania this is

because still many Tanzanians do not get safe or quality medicines.
How to identify a suitable pharmacy business area?

Identifying suitable business area is a key point for any successful business

so its very simple to identify a suitable pharmacy business area only you need is to check for customers rule consider the following areas

Have a license for conducting a pharmacy business

In Tanzania or any other country before opening a pharmacy business you should have a license for conducting a pharmacy business failure to do you

can go to jail, or charged with a fine.

To get a license for conducting a pharmacy business you must get a training or

knowledge from a registered college or any health care institutions in

Tanzania registered institutions which trains pharmacists include udom, st john college,bugando health college,and muhas

just to mention a few.this colleges or institutions are registered by the pharmacy council
Also you must Have at least a starting capital for building a pharmacy store
Often people asks

Have at least a starting capital for building a pharmacy store

How much capital is required to open a pharmacy in Tanzania?
Building a pharmacy in Tanzania does not require a lot of capital 40million

Tsh can be enough to start a simple pharmacy store but if you want to build a

large pharmacy store it can cost you more.

So,having a capital its vital for growth of any business.
Good looking pharmacy store with air conditioning
This is very important when building a pharmacy store since there are some medicines which can not be stored at certain temperatures so adjusting

temperatures using an air conditioning is important failure to do so,the drugs

could not function as intended in the human body.
Have workers including (pharmaceutical personnel or pharmaceutical technician)
So you have already build a pharmacy so you must have

workers who can conduct your business this includes pharmaceutical personel or a pharmaceutical technician
But before taking into consideration of hiring a pharmacist you should know about.
How much do pharmacists paid in Tanzania?
Pharmacy workers salary in Tanzania ranges from tsh 1000,000-500,000 this

depends on education rank as it includes for pharmacist with a degree holder,diploma and certificates.

How much does a pharmacy owner make in Tanzania?

The amount of income depends on many factors as I have mentioned them before including location,and the amount of capital invested but pharmacy

owners in Tanzania can make a minimum of tsh 2000,000-800,000 per month

So a pharmacy business is more worth it thank you think!.
Do you any question regarding pharmacists in Tanzania or any thing about

pharmacy leave us your comment and a pharmacy expert will get you soon.

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