How to reset Udom sr2 password | UDOM SR2 Forgot password

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UDOM SR2 Forgot password, udom sr2 password reset The university of Dodoma, UDOM has an online student portal the SRMS, known as the udom sr2. which manages and records all students activities including academic and non academic activities within the university campus.

How to login to Udom sr2 account

How to reset Udom sr2 password | UDOM SR2 Forgot password

To login in your account its very simple, firstly you have to make sure that you are a student of Udom and you have your registration number and password. registration number normally looks like this T/UDOM/2021/0090 depending on the year you have been admitted at udom.
login here to your udom sr2 account

how to reset your udom sr2 password

you have lost your udom sr2 password right ?, dont worry because your account is safe, and its not a mistake at udom administration which can make you dispersed form the university campus, basically there are two ways to reset your password you can visit at your college administration are by using the UDOM SR2 Forgot password link to reset it.

UDOM SR2 Forgot password

now you can request for a new password directly at the Udom sr2 portal, you will be required to enter your email address and an instructions will be sent directly to your inbox on how to recover your password

Click here to request password reset at udom sr2

To reset your udom sr2 password make sure you have

  • Registration number
  • your ID card for visiting administration (UTAWALA)
  • your last password you remember

simply you have to go to the IT staff members of your college and report about your problem for resetting your password and they will help you to do that. these is the best method for resetting your udom sr2 password, besides the one that i have mentioned above.

Or you can send your email to IT [email protected] and they will solve it easily

UDOM University Hostel Faced Water Crisis

when is Udom admission 2022/2023

udom admission starts between October and November this year depending, upon the release of Necta form six results. so keep an eye at our website and we will inform you for the best information as we can.

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    Udom Sr 2 za first year zimevamiwa kipindi cha uchaguzi…. hivyoo uchaguzi hautokuwa wa haki na usawa

  2. Assist me to get my lost password

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