How to prepare for Matric Exams during this pandemic 2021 very easy

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How to prepare for matric exam

The Matric exams of 2021 have been conducted through a challenging year during this pandemic. now preparing your self for the coming matric exams of 2021 is vital for the achievements and getting good grades for your exams.

so in this article we have a clear guide on How to prepare for Matric Exams during this covid-19 pandemic. i know this is not the first time for you to see this exams being conducted during a very difficult time where studying in groups is no longer applicable and exams are conducted in an isolated examination room where assistance seems impossible.

How to prepare for matric exam

According to Ogunbanjo, all candidates required to sit for the Matric exams including those who tested positive for COVID-19 or show any symptoms will be allowed to sit for exams. but in the isolation rooms have been set up at examination centers  for those who test positive for COVID-19 or show symptoms while writing.

But also Ntlokwana said that “We can expect learners to show increased levels of stress and anxiety during these times, due to the challenges associated with lockdown.

Now things as you see some things won’t be the same as you prepare for your matric exams but don’t panic so today we have some tips if you can use them effectively you will pass your exams with flying colors.

How to prepare for Matric Exams

Be prepared

Any thing requires preparation  even reading this article you have made some preparations right ?, so preparation is the key for everything to get done. Read your notes and summary you look for the meaning of any words that seem to be not understandable.

So we have prepared for you some matric exams past papers for different years you can check using the links below

Use a pomodoro technique  During studying

Now a lot of students have been asking how can they stop procrastination, actually procrastination is not the same as laziness. But procrastination is accompanied by a delayed work activity.

The pomodoro technique lets you perform a task for a certain period of Time may be 25 minutes and taking a break for 5 minutes the continue again with your preparation for your matric exam. Simple you have to set a goal and have a rest.

Promote a healthy lifestyle

Now having a good healthy, helps you doing activities at its maximum. So eating a well balanced diet and avoiding things that can endanger your healthy it’s a good thing. Since by doing so you will ensure that during matric exams you have not to worry about your healthy.

Ensure they get enough a quality sleep and physical exercise. Cook healthy meals, keep nutritional snacks in your pantry, and reduce screen time as much as possible.

Don’t cram read to understand unless it’s too late

Now the tittle says How to prepare for Matric Exams during this pandemic. And now its not too late why cram. Unless you have being cram since grade 1. And you are confident with your studying technique. Many people actually forget after cram a specific part of a lesson, so to avoid this just try to read to understand.

some part of your lessons can require cram, it can be to mention the Elements of the periodic table in your chemistry exams. You can ram it by arranging it into organized and meaningful flow of words.

Test yourself and use imaginations

Imaginations are images of the real objects. So try to imagine the time when your lecture was teaching in the class. And the part of the topic he insisted to study the most. Try to remember the questions asked in the class.

And try to do questions of each topic you studied. Because this can train your brain and make you feel as you have already do the matric exam. And you may find some questions repeating during the final matric exam.

I hope you enjoyed about our todays topic How to prepare for matric exam during this pandemic 2021, if you enjoyed our articles please consider sharing this to friends and families and help our children.

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