How to fix SASSA SRD Reapplication Failed  

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the SASSA SRD Reapplication Failed and Parents ID are Challenges Encountered by Applicants when trying to reapply for the r350 grant by confirming their existing applications. one of the setback is that when they try to submit their application after entering their details, they receive a message “failed” of courses This has left many applicants struggling and stranded not knowing what to do next.

SASSA SRD Reapplication Failed  

What does SRD Reapplication Failed mean

so far sassa nor Social Development Department have issued a statement on this error that is causing the frustrations on applicants. sassa applicants indicated that they encountered an error that showed a ‘Failed’ message when they were submitting their applications. Applicants indicated that even when they try to submit the application several times, the error still remains as ‘failed.

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How to fix the Reapplication Failed error message on SASSA SRD

so far some people have been saying that the possible causes of the error and it was revealed that the applicant must attach his or her email address.

Your absence if EMAIL ADDRESS is the main cause why you are getting failed messages when submitting your reapplications forms. So if you have email address please insert it it correctly there in the space provided, if you don’t personally have one you can easily create one in just five minutes. Otherwise, you can use your family member’s functioning email address.

but still some people are complaining that despite adding the correct email address and the system still, shows Reapplication Failed some times the server might be overloaded so continue pressing the submit button several times and it will eventually respond According to a number of applicants who tried this it is working for them.

for more information about SASSA SRD Reapplication Failed and to get the last updates you can follow SRD SASSA social media pages including Facebook and twitter or visit the website Do you have any questions that you need assistance for? Comment below and we will try and get answers for your questions.

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