How to fix Hayu App not working on Smart Tv

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Hayu App not working on Smart Tv, Hayu App not working on Samsung TV Sometimes its so frustrating when your trying to access the Hayu app on your TV or a firestick streaming device and found that its not working. I understand your pain here are the tips that will help you fix this issue as soon as possible just read this article very careful to get the best tips.

we all know that Hayu is a great app for anyone who loves reality TV, like any thing which is good has also have its drawbacks but don’t worry this issue can be fixed easily.

How to fix Hayu App not working on smart TV

Now lets get to the main point. What if Hayu app is not working on your Smart TV, including Samsung TV, fire stick or any other streaming devices including iPhone (apple tv), sony tv, fire TV and many others Then you should follow these steps:

update the software/ reinstall it

Every software needs a proper update in monthly or quarterly intervals to perform well. If you found any playback issues in Hayu app, update your Smart TV software or the app. can help fix this issue of the hayu app not working. you can also reinstall the app by deleting the current Hayu app and install it again.

Another tips is to Restart your device and close any background apps, that are preventing your app from working.

The problem with your browser

Sometimes your smart TV’s can have a problem playing the video on the hayu app, you can sue the following guides to fix it

If you are using the Safari browser, you may follow some steps to resolve the playback issues.

  • Navigate to the hayu app in safari.
  • Then go to the main Safari menu and select settings for this website.
  • Then you can see an option for auto play and allow it.
  • Then lastly, load any video and play.

if its google chrome then,

Google is a widely used browser engine. If you face issues playing the Hayu app through Google, the following steps will help you resolve it.

  • Open the setting option in the Google Chrome browser.
  • From the setting, choose the default browser and go with it ahead.
  • Then choose the advanced option that will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • Last scroll down to the system and switch ‘use hardware acceleration when available’ to off.

Hayu app not working ?

so those where the tips to help you use Hayu app on the smart TV you can fix it by following this simple procedures.

  • Try to Uninstall the Hayu app to delete it completely from your phone. 
  • Restart your device and close any background apps.
  • Reinstall the Hayu app from the App Store and try to watch our shows again.
  • check your browser settings

If any problem arises with the device, just stay calm and try to find the solution. Hopefully, the procedures mentioned above are highly helpful for you. So just kick out your worries and follow the above tips. you can also visit the hayu support website page or comment below and we will be happy to hear from you.

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