How to fix Echo (double) sound on Xbox Spotify

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Have you trying to play music or any audio on your Xbox Spotify and hear the Echo sounds which is frustrating, This occurs as a result of Dual (double) of the same audios playing at the same time so this article will show you how you can fix it.

This question was asked by a user on the community Spotify forum so make sure to read this article very careful as to contains all the help full guide with video.

Xbox Spotify Audio sounds Echo (doubled)

Its very easy to fix the Xbox Spotify Echo or double Audio just follow this steps and your sound will have a mono audio output while playing the music on your Spotify app, go to settings on your Xbox and choose accessibility which can be found by simply scrolling below, then select Audio and choose mono audio, This should fix the problem.

if your problem hasn’t bee fixed and you still hear echoing on the Xbox Spotify, then on your speaker Audio settings change to stereo uncompressed you can check the YouTube video below this article with all the explanation on how to do it.


so just the settings on your xbox can help you solve this problem, you can also try to restart your app and Xbox if you still hear the echo or double audio. you hear your Xbox echoing or doubling sound because the mic is too close to the speaker or sound output.

why is my Spotify echoing

your Spotify is echoing because two same sounds are playing at the same time due to double audio in the settings so disable this feature and enable mono audio for only one sound to play at a time and it will work just fine.

Echo (or double) while playing Spotify (fix)

Go to settings on your Xbox while playing an audio on the Spotify app, go down to accessibility and audio enable mono audio and your problem will be fixed. so let me know on the comment section if these tips have fixed your problem. for more information visit the Xbox and Spotify communities.

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