How to connect LG ThinQ washer to WIFI

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So you have been searching online how to connect LG ThinQ washer to WIFI and you come across this article then your lucky, this article will explain all the information you need to know on how easily you can connect your LG think on the Wi-Fi network.

 The LG Smart ThinQ is a powerful device that featuring products equipped with voice control and artificial intelligence technology. without wasting your time lets go through this quick tutorial on how to connect your LG appliances to your home’s WIFI.

How to connect LG ThinQ washer to WIFI

how to connect LG ThinQ washer to WIFI

if your thinking How to connect LG ThinQ washer to WIFI this will largely depends on the type of the device your using including smartphones and voice assistants like the  Google Assistant and Amazon Echo since every device has its settings but don’t worry we will have all the steps explained in this article.

For Android or iPhone app

  1. Download the LG ThinkQ app from play store or app store
  2. sign in or register if you don’t have an account
  3. scan QR or manually select device and then add it
  4. Make sure your device is plugged in and powered on and tap Next
  5. then follow other instructions as directed on the app

connect LG ThinkQ Washer to WIFI on voice assistant

Once your LG ThinQ app is properly setup, you need to download and setup your Google Home or Amazon Echo mobile app to connect to your voice assistance device. you can visit the LG support page for more information.

LG washer not connecting to WiFi ?

so that’s how you can easily connect your LG ThinkQ device to the WIFI network, thanks to lg Now, you can control key LG Washer features from your smartphone, you can Call an LG Support Representative at 800.243.0000 or visit for online support.


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