How to check ZRA TPIN number very easy

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how to check zra tpin on phone Are you a Zambian citizen and you would like to check your Tax payer identification number (TPIN) Then you are at the right place. the Zambia revenue Authority (ZRA) has now simplified the process just read this article very careful so that you can benefit from the information written here by our experts.

simply the TPIN is Taxpayer Identification Number which contains a unique number or code that identifies you as a loyal citizen and you contribute to the government. if your employed by the government as Teacher or health worker then to get your salary you need to have a TPIN number.

ways to check your ZRA TPIN number

There are two ways you can use to check for your TPIN number this includes

  • on zra website check online using zra tpin search
  • get your TPIN number through USSD code

How can I check my ZRA TPIN number online?

You can check your TPIN number online using the zra portal taxpayer search, you need to enter the the details including NRC on the portal and search tax payer and all your information will be displayed you can also download the Tax On App.

how do I check my ZRA TPIN on my phone?

if you do not have an internet connection, then you can still check for your, TPIN number using the USSD code service. To get started, dial *858# and follow the steps

I have forgotten my ZRA TPIN number what should I do ?

if you have forgotten your ZRA TPIN number the don’t worry, you can retrieve it by visiting the and click forgot password/reset password then use your registered ZRA email address to recover your TPIN

TPIN is a unique ten-digit computer-generated number allocated to a taxpayer upon registration with the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA). It is a prerequisite for any transaction with ZRA concerning taxes be it Domestic Taxes or Customs Services. All bank account holders are also required to obtain a TPIN.

How to check ZRA TPIN number

so have you got your TPIN number, remember you need to be registered on the system so that you can have your own number. if your not registered just follow this steps and you will help you to start with the TPIN registrations.

TPIN Registrations

The process of TPIN registration has now been made easier because of the online registration platform available; hence one can register from the comfort of their premises. Taxpayers who have challenges with online registration can still register manually by completing a ZRA prescribed registration form. The manual form can be obtained from any of the front offices at ZRA offices or it can be downloaded from the ZRA website

so that’s how you can check your TPIN number as well as being registered on the system for more information about the Tax payer identification number visit the official website

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