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How to chat in TF2 without premium, are you a gamer and enjoying playing Team fortress (tf2) it with no doubt that you would like to chat for free without the need of getting a premium account. this article will go through all the process to help you. some times you can find that you do not have money to spend on things that you like often so this doesn’t mean that you should not enjoy follow this guide to easily chat on Team fortress for free.

Team fortress offers two account the F2P which stands for free to play and premium account, the F2P accounts comes with limited features where you cant Enable Text/voice communication and many other cool features.

how to chat in tf2 for free

  • Download The TF2 game for free
  • collect free steam gift cards
  • Purchase any thing on the game store
  • Spend more than $5 and unlock the premium account

Download The TF2 game for free

you do not want to spend money of Team fortress 2 right ?, then the good news is that you can download the game TF2 on steam store for free. after you have downloaded the game then you can start playing for free while collecting some free steam gift cards.

collect free steam gift cards

we all love free gift cards but they are not easy to get though its possible to get some free steam gift cards. but you should apply some techniques. after getting a steam gift card for free you will have access to Steam codes, you can use it to get stuffs on  Mann Co. in-game store.

you can check for online services that offer free gift cards for example capterra software review which offer you gift cards for writing a review on their website. or other online survey websites like swag bucks and Survey Junkie which also pays you as well but most of these site offer Amazon gift cards and not steam gift cards Thus, you’ll first need to redeem the card on Amazon first and use some techniques to convert into steam gift card.

Purchase any thing on the game store

Downloading the game alone doesn’t give you a premium account, you already have steam gift cards so you use them to buy items on the store Premium accounts have a few extra features, that will make you enjoying the game including the text chatting features.

Spend more than $5 and unlock the premium account

There is a certain threshold Team fortress has set in order to fully unlock the premium account, so make sure you get steam gift cards that worth more that five bucks $5, and use the steam code to purchase items on the TF2 games store.

can you chat for free on TF2 (Team fortress 2)

To chat on TF2 you’ll need a premium account so the steps have been mentioned in this article will help you get a premium account without using your onw cash. to check if your account is premium or not Go to TF2 in the steam store. Under DLC there should be premium account you will also see some features have been upgraded including sending and receiving gifts to friends and increase in backpack slots.

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