How to bypass Taobao login | Taobao login bypass

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Whe you are trying to access the Taobao website, you came across with an annoying popup of Taobao login page so this article will guide you how to easily bypass Taobao login and use it normally and enjoy the exclusive Chinese online shopping platform, This article will help you browse at the Taobao without getting the page to login.

There are plenty of methods mentioned here so you can choose that works best for you, browsing Taobao shopping platform without having an account your are more likely to encounter this problem so the only solution here is here is to bypass the Taobao login page.

How to bypass Taobao login page | Taobao login bypass

As I have said before there are plenty of methods one can use to perform Taobao login bypass, so we will try to mention all the methods here in this article.

For iPhone users only (Try this)

Step 1: Go to the apple store and download the Taobao app. No log in required, (not the lite version, I don’t know if it works the same way)

Step 2: Paste the taobao link in the safari app and wait till it’s fully loaded.

Tip: You have 3 chances to open the link on any WiFi/mobile network before you get banned. If you got banned, switch networks so you have 3 more.

Step 3: The safari app will ask you to “Open 淘宝?” When you click agree they’ll redirect you to the app.

Note: sometimes you may need to repeat that step before taobao actually loads the page so if that happens just load it again!

Step 4: Congrats ! You’re now scrolling through the sellers page

Note: Taobao will still request you to log in from time to time, but you can just press “X” to make it go away

How to bypass Taobao login | Taobao login bypass
Taobao app on app store

Try to clear cookies on your browser

By clearing cookies you phones data like the IP address will be deleted on the Taobao website server so, Taobao will no longer send you the Taobao login popup, some people have reported that clearing their browser cookies and data and create new account have worked perfectly, you can also try to use the VPN (virtual private network) and it will work smoothly.

How to bypass Taobao login | Taobao login bypass
clear history and website data for Taobao login bypass

Try Taobao login bypass using Alipay

Make an Alipay account on your phone, On Taobao login, under password field click login with Alipay Scan QR code with your Alipay app on your phone and you will be able to browse the Taobao shopping website without getting the login popup.

Switch to Taobao business account

also this is the best method to bypass Taobao login page, just sign up for one but switch it to a Taobao business account (it should ask on the bottom of the page) then fill out the info it should work perfectly, if it still rejects you from login or it says your account is frozen, just downloading the app and it will work very good.

How to bypass Taobao login | Taobao login bypass
Taobao login bypass for business Account

so that’s how you can  bypass the Taobao login page and browse Browse Taobao Without an Account

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