How to buy tesla merch with dogecoin

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How to buy tesla merch with dogecoin, How to buy tesla merchandise with dogecoin Today was the most good day for dogecoin lovers. as the richest man in the world tweeted that his company Tesla will accept dogecoin as payment. Just few hours of the announcement the popular cryptocurrency, has surged with nearly 13.56% percent increase in its prices as the time of writing the crypto currency now is worth $0.1941 so this article will guide you on how you can easily buy tesla mech with dogecoin so read this article till the end so that you can understand.

How to buy tesla merch with dogecoin
How to buy tesla merch with dogecoin | Tesla merchandise

but now the tesla merchandise website only accept dogecoin for some selective products like the Cyberwhistle, Cyberquad for Kids and giga texas belt buckle but within just few hours some products have already being out of stock as fans scramble to grab the deal as we have have noticed that goods for doge are selling out even faster than for dollars.

How to buy tesla merch with dogecoin

so are you interested to buy Tesla merchandise, so this tips will help you. but before you buy any item keep in mind that cryptocurrency are highly volatile you may found out you have bought the item at the higher item or below its price so remember to only invest on what you can afford to loose.

  • visit:
  • check the lifestyle tab
  • choose the products listed to be bought with dogecoin
  • register and follow all the instructions and pay with doge

NB: Some products are already out of stock until an update, so for now only the Giga Texas Belt Buckle is listed for sell costing 835 DOGE this price includes Taxes and shipping fee.

so this was for it today on How to buy tesla merch with dogecoin, so this storming news Elon musk tweet has brought many reactions as some suggest that its a pump and dump, while others take it in a positive way as the senior financial¬†analyst at FxPro Alex Kuptsikevich said This news is a good illustration of crypto’s continued penetration of corporate culture.

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