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So are you a college student or even a highschool student, and you want to learn how to calculate Gpa.

Whatever the case the idea will be using here its so simple and you can use it to calculate the Gpa for your college or highschool scores, I will try my best to explain it in every aspect.

What is Gpa and why its so important

 Simply Gpa is the short term of the word grade point average as the word its self its just the average of your grade points, does that sound easy. I understand some people may be confused here Don’t worry I will demonstrate this.

The need to know how college Gpa are calculated has been rising every day, and its something which every college or high school student should be aware of, its not lectures secret.

I usually tell my friends what if a lecture has mistakenly calculate your Gpa and you don’t know how to calculate it, then it will be big problem to you. And that’s an important thing to know how to calculate college gpa as a student.

How is college Gpa calculated

Without wasting muct time, I usually prefer to go straight forward , there are different ways of calculating gpa, it doesn’t matter if it’s a college or high school the approach are the same.

Ways used it gpa calculation

  • Using a Gpa calculator
  • Using Microsoft excel
  • Calculating college gpa manually

Using a gpa calculator it’s the easiest of all method of calculating gpa simply, there are sites like

Gpacalculator and all you have to do is fill out the details like grades and credits of the subjects you have in a semester. and automatically your gpa will be calculated. As shown in the screen shot below.

image showing college gpa calculator

How to calculate college gpa using Microsoft excel

Calculating gpa using Microsoft excel its simple as using a gpa calculator but

you should have knowledge on how to use it, simply functions like summations and multiplications are used here.

The Microsoft cells are filled with details like Course of the subject, credit hours ( subject credits) and Grades.

See the screenshot below of college gpa calculation using microsft excel

calculating college gpa with microsoft excel

Case study: calculation of  college Gpa  using Microsoft excel

There were abou 4 course subjects considered Biology, chemistry, physics and English each with credit hours of  5, simply credit hours according to

Cambridge dictionary  is the measure of the time a student has spent studying towards a credit, successfully completed part of an educational course .

Note that: the idea used here in Microsoft excel  can be used in calculation of gpa manually so read carefully.

Well some subjects have highest credit hours while others have low so in our

case study we assumed that all of the subjects have the same credit hours. And the student scored the following grades  A,A and B,B on the four subjects.

Also the grades have their specific value on each grade where as A having the

highest value of 4 consider the following point value for grades.

Letter gradePoint value

Note that: This point value for grades can be different depending on your college some colleges have an additional letter grades like A+,B+ which makes

point of value differ so you should ask your lecture  on each particular value for each letter grades.

So functionally  multiplication in excel is used as A1*B1 where A1 represents

credit hours and B1 represents letter grades but we multiply their specific value and not letters.

So calculation of gpa in microsoft excel its just the multiplication of A1*B1 then the product obtained grade points as seen in the screenshot.

Is then summed  and the total of credit hours are also summed

Here we got an interesting and beautiful formula

gpa formular

So its just the division of Total grade points and the Total credit hours and we got a gpa

How to calculate college Gpa very easy

So you have already know how to calculate college gpa using the gpa

calculator, using Microsoft excel and now I will show you how to do it manually things, you must have the following inorder to calculate college Gpa.

  • Credit hours of the subject
  • And grade letters

Well if you have followed the explanations on how to calculate gpa using Microsoft excel it will be very easy to do it even without any explanations here,

simply scroll back a little bit starting from the formula mentioned, you will notice that.

there is summation of total credits then multipliedby letter grades.

I highly recommend you to read about how to calculate college gpa using

microsft excel it will be easy to understand.

What is the highest gpa

It depends with your college but most colleges consider 4.0 as the highest Gpa

but you may find some Gpa of 5.0 mostly in highschools.

How to calculate college Gpa of a semester

Semester gpa can easly be calculated just take your scores of the semester and by using the formula mentioned above just insert the data and you will get your college Gpa as per semester.

Its different from calculating your overall gpa at the end of the year where you

have to sum-up the marks of each semester.    

I hope you under stand well about calculation of Gpa don’t hesitate to

comment your question regarding gpa calculation and I will get back to you very soon.

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