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For the long time many census applicants have been waiting for their names to be released by the NBS , so in this article we will cover all the information you need to know to help you be aware about the sensa names during this time of preparation for the population and housing census which will be starting from August 23, 2022 as This program is important for the government of Tanzania to have appropriate and vital data about its citizens.

when are the sensa names released

since there was on going training which took 21 days starting from 10 to 30 June 2022, the purpose of this training was to enable trainers to have an understanding about the population and housing census as they will simplify the process, this trainers will teach qualified census applicants whose name will appear on the list across all the Tanzania regions.

The training attendants where from different ministries, departments, government institutions, representatives from organizations with disabilities and private sectors.

The sensa names have not yet been released, read more

There is not official date for the release of the names but since the training has already been completed so the names will soon be released this June, incase of any new update myajiratoday will inform you by updating its information so that can be easly accessible to any one.

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