Here are the kdf salary in kenya 2022

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kenya defence forces (KDF) are the armed forces of the Republic of Kenya. so are you looking for the kdf salary in kenya 2022 then you are at the right place, many people not only Kenyans look for the way to secure there are job and enjoy compensation benefits, insurance, monthly payments as salary that’s why some people prefer to work as at the defence organizations like the kenya defence forces.

kdf salary in kenya 2022

The above data includes the Kenya Defence Forces Salaries per month and salary scale, Well, we have compiled the salary scale below; you are advised to check below to see the salary scale.

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KDF Salary in Kenya 2022

RankPay per monthPay per year
Chief of Defence ForcesKsh 1,120,000Ksh 13,440,000
MajorKsh 102,106Ksh 1,225,272
Lieutenant- ColonelKsh 130,735Ksh 1,568,820
ColonelKsh 153,317Ksh 1,839,804
PrivateKsh 19,941Ksh 239,292
Lance CorporalKsh 26,509Ksh 318,108
CorporalKsh 32,250Ksh 387,000
Lieutenant-GeneralKsh 632,984Ksh 7,595,808
CaptainKsh 73,182Ksh 878,184
Commander of the Kenya NavyKsh 902,432Ksh 10,829,184
Commander of the Kenya Air ForceKsh 906,014Ksh 10,872,168
Vice Chief of Defence ForcesKsh 927,500Ksh 11,130,000
kdf salary in kenya 2022


These KDF salary above are exclusive of allowances The allowance for a new recruit is Ksh7,172. A cadet receives allowances amounting to Sh11, 852 while an Officer Cadet who has served three years earns Sh24, 520.

One of the things that army officers enjoy most is the fact that in the barracks, the prices of all commodities are half priced. If, for instance, the normal price of sugar is Ksh 120, then expect to buy the same at Ksh70 or less in the barracks.

KDF soldiers also receive hefty allowances when deployed outside the country for a peace mission. Their daily allowances range between Ksh 5,000-Ksh 10,000. These are really mouth watering KDF soldiers salary allowances.

NOTE: The Commission reserve the right to make changes to this salary scale at any time, therefore, you’re advised to contact the commission for an updated salary scale for the updated list.

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    I came across someone who said to me that there is KDF replacement opportunity, is it true

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