How to fix Facetime randomly gets loud on its own iPhone/iPad 

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Facetime randomly gets loud on its own iPhone/iPad, Facetime Call Audio Increasing on its own, facetime audio randomly gets loud

FaceTime is one of the trending apps from the App store that has now millions of active users. But recently many users are facing issue with the app that during a Facetime call the audio increase randomly on its own and becomes very loud and it won’t let the users to turn it down. This is annoying as when on facetime the audio will occasionally start blaring even if I have it on the lowest volume.

Although there is no fixed pattern but for many users the Facetime Volume will become loud after 5 to 10 minutes of call. In FaceTime the volume of the person speaking to will suddenly go up to full even though not done nothing. The issue is visible if you mute you Facetime call the volume of FaceTime becomes loud to max level. As a quick fix user have to end the call and start a new FaceTime call again. If you are also facing this issue, then please try below possible fix/workaround to fix the issue:

Facetime randomly gets loud
FaceTime Audio too loud

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How to fix Random Facetime volume too loud iOS 15/ iPhone 13/12 Pro Max, iPhone XS, SR,8 Plus:

The following tips will help you fix Facetime randomly gets loud on its own on your apple device

Workaround: Switch to different App

 If you are not able to turn down the Facetime call volume, then as a quick workaround you can try to switch to different app on your iPhone/ iPad. Apps which use sound by default like TikTok etc. can be opened to fix Facetime loud call volume issue. So next time when Facetime randomly increases the call volume just switch to another app like TikTok, Snap Chat.

Workaround: Change Sound settings

It you want to fix Facetime audio bug without ending the call then you can try to go into sounds and haptics and change the ringer volume, but please note that this will not fix the unresponsive buttons, and only lasts temporarily anyway.

Workaround; Connect Air Pods

A quick fix connect is to connect the Air Pods “like put them in your ear till the sound connects” then take them out and the volumes of Facetime will reset to normal and works fine. Or you can try also sharing your screen and then unsharring it.

so that’s how you can fix facetime audio randomly gets loud on its own for more information and if these tips hasn’t helped you can visit the apple discussion forum and ask some experts about why this problem is happening on your device

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